We AreCommitted

to Create a Safe Home for Orphans

We AreCommitted

to Transform the Lives of Orphans

We AreCommitted

to Change their Story

Little Child Care Ministry, Pakistan (LCCM)

We Are Providing Opportunities for Orphans to Grow, to have Hope and to Feel Love.

About us

Christian Orphan Ministry

We are particularly focusing
to empower the Orphans
and struggling for their
prosperity to live better life.

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Our Children

To Know Our Orphans

To whom we have provided the
protective shelter, health
facilities, school education
and proper spiritual direction.

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Sponsor A Child

Let Them Feel Your Love

We believe that every Orphan
deserves the opportunity
to feel the love and to
know the Jesus Christ.

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J & K House Chak No: 424/JB
Tehsil Gojra District
Toba Tek Singh - Pakistan